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The Dessert Angel Strikes Again

A curious thing has been happening during this crazy pandemic we find our selves in. I have observed and mentioned several times along the way that God has consistently been showing up in many different situations. From the hand sanitizer to the toilet paper, the paper towels or the chicken. Right as I'm getting to the very last of something on hand, something I haven't seen on store shelves in a long time suddenly appears out of nowhere. It happened again this week when I suddenly found cleaning wipes after about a 3 month drought, and I was down to the last few. And yes, I was totally mocked by the store clerk for my over excitement at my rare find - I thought I was seeing things for a minute! 

And as time has gone on, I'm slowly learning to not worry about whatever may be the current need of the moment or fiasco on the news. Am I perfect at this? Hardly. But I'm learning.

The most curious thing of all has been in all of my little wants, and this just never gets old. I…

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