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Mothers Group Reflection #25: "Held"

I have to admit something. I have answered some of the hardest questions of my life this past summer. I thought it was going to be all sunshine and fun as we planned our various activities, but the reality, while still good, was quite different from what I first envisioned.
I watched as things happened to people I love that were just too hard for my mind to wrap itself around. I have found that it is one thing when hard things happen to me. But it’s another thing entirely when someone I love is going through something tough. And a curious thing began to happen. I began asking questions I had somehow never thought to ask. Questions that I thought were long ago settled, “beginner” questions, if you will. And rather than my usual faith answers, I found myself grappling deeply and looking at God, asking, “What were you thinking?”
How do you wrap your mind around moments that seem beyond comprehension? The moments in the wake of deep loss when you stare at the calendar and realize it’s onl…

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